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Four Ways to Imaginatively Use Curtains To Hide Decor Faults

Posted by jasnav on July 26, 2011

Home interiors decoration with curtains just got more interesting – you can use curtains and curtain accessories to even hide the fault lines in your overall decoration. Things that you otherwise could do little about. Imaginatively used, curtains and their accessories can greatly enhance the visual experience or change it altogether depending on your plans. So let us see some great ideas on how to achieve these simple tricks that can make a world of a difference to your interiors.


Making a Small Window Look Larger


If you have a small window that you desire should look larger in keeping with your overall plans, all you have to do is to get a curtain rod that is bigger than the window itself. Fix the rod over the window and draw the drapes to the size of the larger rod. This will achieve a larger look in two ways.


Firstly, the area being covered by the curtains being larger than the window itself, the look will be of a bigger window. Who knows what size of window is hiding behind those oversized drapes!


Secondly, when you pull back the curtains the drapes would withdraw all the way, letting in much more light than it normally would. Lo behold! The look of bigger windows is yours!


Making a Large Window Look Smaller


Let us examine the exact opposite of the first situation, in which you have inherited large sized windows you are not too happy with.


All you need to do is use your normal sized rod, but add valances to your curtains. This would give a heavy look and give the impression of a smaller window size.


You can even add tiebacks to the curtains. This will also serve to give a heavier look to the curtains and make your window look smaller than it actually is.


Short or Tall Windows


Are you aware that you can even make the window look shorter or taller than it actually is? Yes, this can be achieved as well!


In case of short windows that you want to give a taller look, fix the curtain rod above the window frame. Creating the illusion of length will give a taller look to your window.


In case of tall windows that you want to reduce the look of, you can use draped valances  to shorten the look of the window. This serves to soften the overall look and thus give a shorter look.


Hide Windows


Now you have a window you are not very proud of, and would rather it not be there at all. While inviting a mason to brick it up would be a major job, all you need to do is to cleverly match your curtains with your walls! In effect it will reduce the attention to your window.


Use plain silk sari curtains to get the right match for your walls. These curtains made of excellent silk are available in a wide variety of colors and textures to suit each taste.

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Basics About How To Choose Curtains – Color Schemes and Plain v/s Printed

Posted by jasnav on May 31, 2011

Choosing window drapes for your home or curtains for your office can be a daunting task. Generally keeping a few basic principles in mind will help you cruise along in the selection process. This article is all about choosing the right window drapes for when you go shopping for curtains.

When choosing window drapes for your home or office, the first thing that you need to consider is the degree of formality of the place. This degree will determine the kind of settings you need. As a basic thumb rule, the more formal the place the more simple yet elegant the settings. On the other extreme, places like personal bedrooms can have all the frills that you desire.

An office is definitely more formal than a home. Naturally your office would require a somber setting that sets the mood for a comfortable yet elegant work space.


Take Inspiration

Look around your office for clues to how you should be setting it up. Is the furniture plain leather or upholstery? Are the walls simple with sober light shade colors like off white, mauve, light pink et all? If so, think no more and go for plain colored curtains to compliment the overall settings of the place.

In case your office is more contemporary and caters to the bright side of things, like in the case of some hotels, restaurants, children schools, educational institutes et all, you can go for bright colors for the window dressings as well. This will go with the overall mood of the place. You can go for colors like bright yellow, orange, red, parrot green or even ink blue as per the settings of the place. Even contrasts look good in such a setting and you could have a kaleidoscope of colors to brighten up the place.


Size Matters

The size of your room will determine the color of the curtains that would look best in your office. In case your office space is small in size, say like a cabin, you should go in for light color curtains. Beige and gray look best in such a case.

In case of a larger, more ornate office, you can afford to have more stark contrasts between your walls and the window dressings. For instance, if you have off white walls, you could go for brown, dark blue, maroon, even bottle green curtains to give a look of richness. Using these bright colors will also tend to cheer you up whenever you are having an off day.


Prints For the Office

In case you a prints buff, there are certain prints you can comfortably put in the office without their looking out of place. Opt for simple designs such as geometric designs, or self motifs in your window drapes. Look for prints that blend well into the curtains. Checks generally do well here.

Avoid too bright a contrast between the print and the background as that will make the wall curtain look garish and ungainly.

So go ahead and choose your curtains carefully. Watch this space for more ideas and basics coming your way soon!

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Enhance Your Home With the Right Curtains and Drapes

Posted by jasnav on January 1, 2011

The interior decoration of a home is never complete without curtains and drapery. Curtains enhance the environment of a home by adding to its overall decor. Curtains and drapes, when done tastefully and proportionately, add to the specialty and uniqueness of a room. An integral part of home décor, curtains and drapes can make or break an entire room. Hence a lot of care and attention needs to be paid to this aspect.

Curtains help in manipulating the light that enters the living room, keep the warmth or coldness inside it or increase the room’s privacy. Selecting the wrong fabric, however, could affect the over-all appearance while failing to provide several necessary functions.

Curtains vs Drapes

Most laymen call any fabric hanging on their windows as curtains while professional interior decorators in the industry call them drapes. The difference is however not limited to just terminology; it includes how they are used to add to the overall look and feel of the place they are displayed in.

While curtains are typically used to describe just the cloth hangings on the windows, the term drapery generally comprises the entire complement of curtains as well as their accessories such as valances and the hardware. When selecting the drapes or curtains for your home, one must always identify the function of that particular fabric type.

We have so much of choice in the wide range of curtain fabrics, tracks, rods, and styles for drapes that it can often be confusing as to where to start looking out which curtains best suit our home.

Curtains are generally made with lighter materials and more functional when compared with drapes. Drapes are usually made from heavy fabrics such as velvet or cotton tend to be longer than regular curtains and add grandeur to any room.

If used creatively, curtains could be used as the main attraction point of the window decoration. Always keep in mind that a set of drapes and valences has to be more ornate, in comparison to simple curtains. Thus they naturally have more elaborate designs and different fabric texture that demonstrate their primary purpose of decoration.

Another criterion for selecting your drapes or curtains is the type of fabric you are most comfortable working with. Apart from your personal taste, the fabric selection also depends on whether you want them to stand out from the rest of the living room or to blend with the rest of the room. Much also depends on the location of the windows.

Fabrics are available in an array of types but not all fabrics could be used as drapes. So be discriminative in choosing yours. In the selection of curtains, it is also crucial that you know the length and the width of the window on which they will be used.

Full length drapes should have the length and width that would cover the entire area of the window, from the top edge of the window and perhaps touching the floor. Apron drapes, however, would only require a modest allowance to the fabric to give it a dramatic flow.

Go ahead and get the right selection of curtain fabrics, curtains and drapes for your home.

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