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Using Innovative Ideas To Create Tie Top Curtains For Your Children’s Room

Posted by jasnav on April 3, 2009

If you are setting up a room for your child, then tie-top curtains are always the best option. The curtains should not be very dark-colored in a child’s bedroom to avoid giving a gloomy look. Always care must be taken that a child’s bedroom is furnished with light colored curtains such as baby pinks, light blue, mauves and whites.

To decorate a kid’s room innovative ideas are a must. It must be furnished with minimal furniture allowing lots of space for the child to play as well as have a provision for natural light and air to ventilate. Tie-top curtains are the best option for a child’s room. You can creatively make curtains for your kid’s room from easily available fabrics like Indian saris and let your imagination flow. For instance if you are using plain white organza fabric for a curtain, then attach colorful ribbons over the frame of the curtain to tie them up. Also, with the same left-over fabric of the ribbons, small patches of designs like flowers, balloons, birds etc can be made to match with the ribbons. Similarly, alphabets and numbers can also be painted over muslin or organza curtains innovatively for a kid’s room.

However, children usually stain the walls, sheets and curtains either with their chocolates or jams and jellies. In such cases tie-tops are a good option, they can be easily removed, washed and put back.

These fresh and light curtains add a delicate and decorative look to your windows and doors. The softness and sheer of these curtains when put up will add beauty to your home.

You can use old saris to create these tie tops, or buy new material from online stores that sell these. One website that I found to be quite useful with the large variety and reasonable prices is . Another one that is purely into sari materials is and I found it to be having a lot of good variety material.

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Make Your Home Look Grand – Tie Top Ribbons For Curtains Using Silk Saris

Posted by jasnav on March 13, 2009

When you have a visitor home, the first thing that they notice about your home is the cleanliness, the decorations and the way you have maintained your home. Home decor is indeed quite a mess if you do not choose the right components to make your home look good. The colors you choose for the paint, the windows and doors, the furniture – all add to the beauty of your home.

One of the most important areas that you need to take care is when you choose your curtains. Curtains give a very graceful look to your home and hence must be chosen with care. If you are looking for an interesting theme, Asian home decor is one that has attracted several people. The reason behind this is the abundant usage of bright and beautiful colors.

Your curtains can look more beautiful if you use tie top ribbons for them. These are small pieces of fabric that holds your curtain tightly to the rod and looks like ribbons. These are readily available in the market from online home decor stores like in materials that are light weight like silk, net, tissue etc. If you are creative enough you can create magic with your own fingers.

The best option would be to use silk saris that have marvellous borders. You can make use of the saris that you do not use much, or buy them online from specialist stores like . You can be innovative with the use of colors; use bold colors to contrast with your pale curtains or matching ones to go with them entirely. When you choose silk saris for your curtains, you can even make a combination of colors work. You only need to be conscious about the colors you choose to mix.

You can use both broad and thin tie top ribbons for your curtains. Be conscious about the number you choose; it is logical to use fewer broad ribbons and a much higher number of thin ribbons for your tie top curtains.

You can even be more creative by choosing to do some work with your own hands on the ribbons that you make from the saris dress material. Attaching them with beads and other decorative stuff will indeed make them look very attractive.

Use such innovative ideas and see your home transform in front of your eyes.

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