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How To Choose Curtains for Your Bedroom

Posted by jasnav on May 21, 2011

Looking for the right curtains to complement your bedroom can seem like a chore you would rather avoid. If you are amongst those who are unable to make their mind very easily, it would help to get some basic background knowledge. Thus you can decide faster when actually picking up the right curtains for your bedroom.

Type of Bedroom Décor

Is your bedroom décor traditional or contemporary? Either way, the curtains or drapes you are choosing must essentially complement the settings.

In case of traditional settings, the curtains could be heavily embroidered with thread or other embellishments. Of course, if you are looking for a more ornate look, you could go for full embroidery curtains as well.

When it comes to contemporary, practical usage takes priority over the traditional look and feel of the curtain. Thus you would find simple, light, synthetic, easy to wash options in most contemporary settings.

The key here is practical usage, and it is well known that in earlier times(read traditional), purely decoration was the single most important aspect. Thus you would have the heavy embroidery and the embellished versions.

Contemporary Curtains

On the contrary, you will find contemporary curtains are light, without too much of heavy embroidery stuff on them. In fact, if you step just a little out of line, you will find unique curtains like sari curtains doing extremely well on this front. These curtains are made of the finest silk as the cloth is actually designed for use for wearing as the traditional Indian Sari. The cloth is modified for use as curtains, and gives an elegant, graceful look.

More on Sari Curtains

Sari curtains are light in weight. They look equally elegant whether in case of using plain silk or even if you go for those with light embroidery. This is due to the fact that even the plain silk curtains give a rich textured look and feel that adds greatly to the ambience of the room.

The best part about these silk sari curtains is that they do not hurt the pocket either. While traditional curtains and upholstery are fairly expensive, silk sari curtains are very reasonable. Combine this with the rich look that you are able to achieve at a low cost, and it is almost a no-brainer that the sari silk curtains should be your choice.

I personally have been using these silk sari curtains in my bedroom for several years now and find they fit the bill perfectly. The good part is when I feel the need for change I do not have to think too much before I shift out the old lot and bring in a new color or texture. The older ones move out to one of the other rooms or the study, and the new color scheme comes to occupy its place of pride in my bedroom.

Choose your curtains wisely to reflect the overall mood of your furnishings, and you will never go wrong. We will talk more about how to choose curtains for your bedroom in my next post as well.

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Home Décor – Recreate A New Look In Fixed Budget

Posted by jasnav on April 25, 2010

The same old interiors often tend to lend a boring look over time. The idea is to recreate a new look within a fixed budget.

Here are some ways to lend a new and fresh look to the same old boring interiors. Try them and make your home look new.

Use The Right Colors Around

Bright shades of color may look happy but sometimes we need subtle shades to enhance the decor. Paint your sitting area in colors like nude, pink and even beige. You may also paint and highlight one wall depending upon the design of the room.

Ensure that you do not go for extremely boring colors. Keep your priorities clear and decide the colors accordingly.

Redesign The Bar

Redesign that huge bar that occupies quality space and create some space for free. Convert the bar into wall cabinets with glass panels. Nothing could be more elegant than glass segments with proper highlights. Keep the crystals clean and arrange them neatly in the new arrangements as well.

New Fabrics For The Drapes

Dump the old methods of net and heavy fabric. Go for the elegant yet light dupioni silk curtains. Change the furnishing of the area as it will enhance the overall look. Ensure the
Off-white curtains and cushions are also in sync with the colors of the curtains.

Go for paisley prints cushion covers as they will not jeopardize the overall décor. You may also opt for mix and match colors like pastel shades of olive gray and rustic orange.

Peach and golden curtain combinations will be just apt for the windows.

Lighting To Add Grace

Add some panache to the look by adding candles. Aromatic candles will not only create a positive aura but also a romantic one. You can use the same concept for your bedroom and study room.

Keep a dim light by the lounge side to give a softer look. If you wish to be fancier you can use handmade cane or the Chinese hanging lights. Play with the lights and shades to reflect your mood. This will also save you a lot of money while giving a very different look to the entire décor.

So get set and renovate your home within a fixed budget.

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Traditional Home Décor – Recreate The Indian Mood In Your L.A Apartment

Posted by jasnav on April 21, 2010

Recall the moments when your mother created the Indian feel in your home? Expensive haute furnishing options were out of question in their times. Use these frugal ideas to plan your home décor on aesthetic Indian lines to bag rave reviews. Besides, it is also a great way of saving some hard earned money.

Glance through the ways to recreate the Indian feel in your home away from home.

Desert Beauty

Let’s start with the flooring. Use the colorful silk quilts made out of those old leheriya silk saris as a rug. It will give a royal yet elegant look to the settings. Nothing can beat the elegance and grand look of zari and mirror work on Indian saris. To top it all, you can get it for next to free.

Brocade Cushion Covers

You can put bright color brocade and silk cushion covers. If you wish to add more glamour to your sitting area, pick dull shaded silk covers with gold borders. Even for the floor cushion covers, matte silk is a great option to look forward to.

Curtain Corner

Bright curtains lend an Indian look to the surroundings. Keep away the neutral shades synonymous with New York fashion. Mix and match of different fabrics would play up the room décor.

You can get different sets of curtains made for different occasions. Dupioni silk curtains are a great option to choose from. Not only do they lend an elegant and royal look but are also available in multiple color combinations. For instance rust color dupioni silk curtains mixed with zari-bordered valences would enhance the Indian look.

Ensure the valences are of silk fabric as it will enhance the overall look of the curtains.

Dining Mood

Use dark shades on the base and contrast shades for tableware. You can also club them with sequin border. Prepare a design pattern out of the sari’s zari border. Colors like rustic orange, magenta go well with olive gray silk curtains Plan the combinations well in order to be in sync with the tableware.

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Home Décor: Five Special Ideas To Spruce Up Your Study Room

Posted by jasnav on April 18, 2010

Your study room is perhaps the most used, yet most sparsely furnished of all your rooms. Follow these five simple tit bits to enhance the comfort of your study room with creative furnishing options.

Add A Tinge Of Color

Get the fabric on the bedspread and floor cushion covers painted. The fabric paint should be of good quality as there are chances of getting ruined. Besides you can use the similar concept on a sheet and convert it into a unique wall carpet.

Embroidery Work

To add a subtle note to your valences, take the liberty of getting embroidery done on the bottom as well as on the edges. Not only will it enhance the look of the curtain but will also look absolutely unique.

Mirror Work

You can get small size mirror work done on the curtains and table cloth. Mirror work curtains will definitely spruce up the entire surroundings. The idea would be to look quite similar to the theme of the famous Seesha parties of Dubai. Keep in mind your requirements while selecting the designs. For lighter fabric like chiffon or net, heavy work can be recommended provided the fabric doesn’t get torn.

Valences To Glam Feel

Use an old sari for making valences over the curtains. Make use of the zari and brocade saris for making the curtain borders. Instead of going for heavy mirror work, prefer subtle sequin work. You could even make use of online sites selling sari cloth valances.

Mix And Match

Mix and match is the latest trend as bright colored
dupioni silk curtains lift up the mood of the study room. Combine it with pastel shades like pink and green, lavender and olive, green and beige et al in case of curtains and cushion covers.

Win laurels with your creative ideas and relax in style. After all, it’s your space!

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