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The Vibrant Rainbow Created by Chaniya Cholis

Posted by indianselection on April 16, 2012

The colors of Indian ethnic attires have always been the factor that makes them so charming and attractive. Styles and trends keep changing. What is ‘in’ today; is sure to be ‘out’ tomorrow. This constant innovation in the field of fashion motivates the designers to go into brainstorming sessions and present us with new vogues and grooves. But in Indian fashion, no matter how much the designs and trends change, one thing remains constant – the vivacity of the ethnic wears! When it comes to Indian women’s fashion, every garment is specifically designed to enhance a lady’s beauty in an elegant manner. And hardly anything does it better than chaniya choli!

Though, the honor of originating this gorgeous attire lies with the state of Gujarat, especially Kutch; it is widely worn by the women of the neighboring state of Rajasthan too. Chaniya cholis are regarded as the most versatile of the Indian traditional wears as it not only has the beauty of a saree, but also the ease of a skirt. The entire garment has three consisting parts. The ‘chaniya’ is actually a long skirt, most commonly floor-length, and the ‘choli’ is a waist-length blouse, tied in the back with a number of strings (much like a corset). The entire design is complemented by the last item, a long ‘dupatta’ which is also known as ‘odhni’ or ‘chunri’. Generally, chaniya cholis are fashioned out of good quality cotton fabric, but the designer ones are made using silk, crepe, chiffon, satin, brocade, etc.

They are widely popular for the bright colors and intricate embroidery work. These cholis are available in almost every color; but the most preferred ones are dark or flashy shades like red, maroon, brown, blue, deep orange, deep green, blue, yellow, black, etc. The minute embroidery is usually heavy as it covers the entire length of the skirt, the blouse and borders of the ‘dupatta’ is covered and is entirely done by hand. Threads of contrasting colors, beads and mirror works are used to make the dress look even brighter.

Chaniya cholis are traditionally worn at the occasion of ‘Navratri’. During the nine days and nights of this festival, people wearing traditional dresses dance to their heart’s delight. And as the women wearing chaniya cholis rotate and twirl, it creates a plethora of colorful swirls. That is undoubtedly a sight to be mesmerized by!

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Lehenga Choli Reflects the Elegance of Indian Brides

Posted by indianselection on March 16, 2012

When it comes to Indian attires, no doubt saree still ranks at number one. However, India is a land of unique diversity and this diversity is clearly reflected in the country’s wide offering of dress materials. Among all the fancy dresses that India has to offer, lehenga cholis also have a strong fan following both in the country’s domestic and international markets.

The shine and elegance of lehenga cholis are best felt during Indian weddings. And that too in a big way. Actually the first word that comes to your mind when you see a traditional Indian lehenga is exquisite. In fact, the traditional lehenga made in its appearance felt in the market of Indian traditional wear since the earlier times. There can be no denial to the fact that traditional embroidery has a distinct appeal of its own. Lehengas are available in various designs, colors, patterns, etc. Majority of them are made with mirror work which requires a lot of hardwork from the designers. The designing process of each and every lehenga calls for absolute perfection as the designers aim for complete customer satisfaction.

Since the last decade, the designers have started to improvise various styles and cuts in the lehengas according to customers’ demands. In India women of all ages prefer to wear this dress for traditional programs. Some kinds of lehenga, which are available in the market nowadays, include the wedding lehenga, bridal lehenga, mehendi lehengaa, sangeet lehengga, and designer lehanga. Some of the above mentioned lehengas are worn in different functions of wedding.

While choosing a bridal lehenga, one needs to check out whether the thread chosen for the embroidery work matches with the lehenga. Generally a gold and silver thread is used on a maroon or red silk cloth. However, maroon, red and crimson are also good color choices for threads. However, nowadays, bridal lehengas are not strictly red or maroon. They are available in myriad colors like green, lemon, lilac, pink, sky blue and also gaudy colors like dark green, maroon, blood red, purple, orange and so on. It is said that a fancy lehenga choli actually reflects the internal happiness of the bride.

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Wedding Shopping – How To Save Time On Your Wedding Preparations

Posted by jasnav on October 12, 2009

Shopping smartly and saving time should be the rule for meeting your wedding deadlines. Follow the tit-bits in this two part article and make the most of your shopping time.
Plan Your Priority List

It is important to plan your priority list. It will help you in having a clear vision about the dos and don’ts.

Write down your pre-wedding and post wedding wardrobe list. Then decide your wedding trousseau as well as accessories. Decide on the stores you want to visit for particular items.

To save even more time, you can even shop online from reputed stores selling wedding clothes of all hues.

It may ease your pressure and things will fall in place according to the list also.

In between your lunch breaks, go shopping for makeup items. In case of perfumes, try to stick to your old favorite brands.

Fix up all beauty regime and bridal regime appointments too, so you don’t go around wasting time in the waiting rooms.

Getting a Quick Wedding Trousseau

If you don’t have time for getting bridal lehenga choli stitched, you can also go for unstitched salwar kameez. You can get it custom made as it will take lesser time in getting it stitched.

As compared to lehenga choli, getting an unstitched salwar kameez ready for your wedding will be less expensive as well. Managing your shopping budget during wedding is an important issue. You can save time by going for online options here as well.

You can buy
bridal salwar kameez from online sites which exhibit a variety of designs at par with the boutiques.

Another advantage of Salwar Kameez is that it can be utilized also during the post wedding functions as well.

Look out for the next post in this space for more details on saving time in your wedding preparations.

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