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Variety Is The Spice Of Home Décor Too

Posted by jasnav on August 21, 2010

Sounds crazy but the fact is that interior themes use history to enhance the beauty of modern interiors.


Primitive is a style which is characteristic of an early stage of development. Decorative items in this style would include old wooden, rag dolls, and any other handcrafted antique items.


Country is all about segment that is higher than the primitive one. It has style which includes cotton quilts, hoosiers, stone plates, enamel painted and wooden boxes. Being natural products, wood and cotton fabrics prevail heavily in Country style.

French County

French County interiors are full of bright colors like yellow, blue tiles. It is also considered as a mix between modern and rustic look. Faded wood, flower prints fabrics, sunflowers are some of the things you can use to get a French county look for your interiors.

Cottage County

The cottage county look has lots of pastel shades like mauve, pinks, green, peach et al. Floral patterned fabrics is extensively used. Wicker, flowers and herbs are extensively used to decorate the kitchen and sining room.


Contemporary is defined by lots of bright patterns usage. It has a light colored background. The most popular is the neutral color that is considered as ideal for the walls. In case of furniture, bright colors are used in furnishing.  Colors like fushia, purple are very popular.


Eclectic is a style that most of the urban and artistic people use for convenience. It is defined as the combination of many styles. Pick the best furnishings you like and set up something unique only to your home’s aura.

Art Deco

Art Deco is defined as the juxtaposition of early 1940s style. The pattern is all about The designs and set up are all about straight lines. Vibrant and neon colors are popular options. There is extensive usage of plastic as well as inlayed furniture.


Rustic is also considered as the log cabin style in forest area. The interior décor has the things made from wood. Even the furniture is also made up of tree’s branches. The furniture lack finish and sometimes they also look out of place.  The popular colors are red, green and black. Some also display the animal skin rugs, snow boots and oil lamps.

Join us again in the next article in this series to learn about other interior design ideas like the Mediterranean, Oriental, Spanish and so on.

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Redecorate Your Home On A Shoestring Budget – Use the Exotic Asian Style of Home Decor Using Indian Saris

Posted by jasnav on March 27, 2009

Are you looking for easy and simple ways to make your house look grand? Interior designing of any house is easy and all that you need is to be innovative and artistic in your ideas. There is no need to spend a lot of money on interior decoration; home decor using sari dress material is very easy, simple and cost effective.

The first thing that you need to do is find cheap, easily available and exotic means of decorating your house. Indian saris fit into this category perfectly, as these five-yard fabrics come in a plethora of vivid colors and fantastic designs, and are widely available from online sari stores like

The curtains you have in your house are what impart the grandeur to your home. There are simple easy steps that you can follow to make your house look grand with the best curtains. The best way of imparting the right combination of color and class is to use silk saris, which generally come in interesting colors with bright, broad borders.

The first thing that you need to do in this regard is to go shopping and find the right silk saris. The color schemes that will provide you with Asian ethnicity are nearly always bold. You can choose bright colors like purple, red, blue with gold and silver thread work in between for that exotic look. These materials can even be used as bed linen, for cushions and like said before, for curtains.

The silk saris that you use must be chosen with great care. You can use light weight silk saris with a grand border that can be used to make tie top ribbons for your curtains. The heavier versions are ideal for bed spreads and curtains.

The colors you use on your walls are also very important. You need to use the best color combinations as per your personal choice. Mixing of colors is very important as if this is not done properly, then it will not create the right atmosphere.

The fabrics that you use to create the Asian look need careful selection. You can choose between different countries and their way of choosing colors and materials such as India, Nepal, China etc from online stores like . If you have travelled around all these places you can have a showcase of all the souvenirs that you have collected to provide an authentic look to your room and one that will go well with the overall decor.

So go ahead and redecorate your interiors without spending a fortune!

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