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Home Improvement: Using Indian Sari Valances For A Unique And Special Look

Posted by jasnav on October 4, 2009

The sari valence is made from the Indian sari’s five and a half meters of unstructured and unstitched material. It comes in a variety of textures, colors, weaves, and is ideal for all rooms or creative furnishing arrangement. The Indian sari is very versatile and makes for a stunning curtain arrangement with minimal effort.

Add Panache To The Windows

When embarking on a home improvement plan, dressing the windows with beautiful curtains is the most significant way to create an impact. Everything depends on the choice of furnishing. This includes not only the rugs and carpets but also the curtain arrangements.

This choice can create a distinctive ambience for your room and your home. It can create a new mood of happiness and fun and this would complement the relaxed feel of the room.

Get Creative With Fabrics

The style of furniture in the room will bring into play the fabric you use. You can select from heavier silk and velvet sari fabrics or sheer ones like chiffons and cottons. If your furniture is sleek try lighter weaves that result in a light and airy look. If it is more on the classic lines try the more ornate sari valences.

Give Time and Thought To The Color And Texture

When you think of a creative curtain arrangement, you have to give the atmosphere you want to create with a multitude of textures and color a thought. Do you want the curtain arrangement to have a classic feel, are happier with a contemporary or a modern one? It all depends on your choice.

You can choose from materials that are heavy and dark to the ones that are light and add to the spacious look. The sari valence has a vicarious range of fabrics to choose from.

I’ve reserved the best reason for the last – the Indian Sari valance won’t burn a hole in your pocket!

Go ahead and try out the Indian sari valances for a truly unique décor experience.

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Innovative Indian Sari Valances: Valences with Pizzazz

Posted by jasnav on September 13, 2009

Valences in a curtain arrangement are placed above long voluminous meters of fabric. Though the purpose of a sari valence is to make the arrangement more aesthetically pleasing, in reality a curtain valence may have been attached to the pelmet as much to hide structural flaws.

These small pieces of cloth offer great options for the creatively inclined. Get going with creative options for valences.

Ways To Get Innovative

The methods of hanging a valence vary greatly, but it has been accepted that valences create opportunity for a person to play with color, texture and fabric for achieving different yet ideal settings for all rooms. The sari valence is one such ideal yet creative curtain arrangement which adds pizzazz to all rooms. Mixing vicarious colors and materials makes for exciting combinations.

Play Up The Mood With The Good Ol’ Indian Sari

The Indian sari deserves much more than just being worn as a garment. The yards of fabric must be celebrated in all its beauty and majesty. The Indian sari is a thing of great splendor and must be showed off to its advantage. In the perfect panels of a valence, the Indian sari is displayed with the élan it deserves.

Room For Some Creativity

What is significant in the treatment of curtain sari valences that they can be used in all the rooms. They can adorn the kitchen curtains, the living room curtains, the bedroom curtains and even the bathroom curtains. Indian Sari valences are perfect for decorating a room and giving the room an attitude that is very different from others.

The sari valence is ideal to use by a great many people in many different settings and rooms. Wherever you place the sari valence it is sure to lend great atmosphere to the room and give the room that added zing.

Jasnav is a leading stylist and fashion writer. Go ahead and get your very own set of handmade sari valances at For getting even more unique ideas about home décor with saris visit

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