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Trend Watch over Pre Stitched Sarees

Posted by jasnav on June 13, 2009

Plenty of people have been opposing the new concept of automatic sarees as they talk about harming the Indian culture. On the hand, the new idea has spread the Indian custom far and wide so that people who love to wear a designer Indian sari have the pleasure of wearing it minus the hassles. This has now been understood by those who stood against it. These very opponents of the designer readymade sari have actually started to fill their wardrobe with increasing designs and styles of the easy to wear automatic saris.

People have started to switch over to the readymade sari as there is no trouble involved in wearing it. After all, the wrapping part is already done for you. The only advice given by the designers is to try it out before you buy to ensure that it fits you perfectly, just like you would do any new readymade dress. If there is any problem with the fitting, get the alteration done then and there as most shops offer this facility for free. If alteration cannot be done it is advisable not to buy it at all as it might make the entire look ungainly.

There are plenty of designs and fashion you can find amongst easy to wear sari. You can choose any one depending on your likes and needs. For instance, in built Cutaway Bias Kallis Design automatic saree is available with a designer blouse to add to the attraction and style. This new design was initiated to look best while standing and even better when you are walking, as it has a lot of flare at the bottom.

“Double pallu” ready to wear sari is another style mantra available with designer blouse. It is mostly present in twin contrasting colors like blue and green, red and black, green and red and so on. The real secret lies behind the way it is designed with a perfect combo of design, fabric, colors and style. This is usually preferred as a bridal wear, thus achieving a near perfect mix of tradition and the latest trend. One of the greatest advantages is the low time taken to wear it. It just takes one-fourth of the time taken to wear a traditional bridal sari. Now isn’t that truly wonderful?

The simplest of all the easy to wear sarees is the trouble-free basic style. It is one of the basic and the most sort-after pre-stitched designer wear saris and it comes along with a fantastic blouse liked by many these days. The contrasting blouse made available mostly with the sari keeps the attire look stunning and really outstanding.

There are also custom made pre stitched saris available these days and you can simply rehash your complete wardrobe with them. Another advantage is that you can change the entire look of your old saris into something new by checking out at the nearest stores. There are also several websites that can do the work for you at cheap prices. Just look around and find the best online store to change your old designer Indian saris to new and trendy!

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How to wear a readymade prestitched sari

Posted by indianselections on May 19, 2009

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Indian Designer Saree Wrapping Made Easy with Pre-Stitched Sarees

Posted by jasnav on May 13, 2009

Indian Sari, despite being the traditional dress for Indian women, has always run into problems at the wearing stage. All in the know would agree it is definitely a difficult process. Newbies besides, even well entrenched experts sometimes find it difficult to get the pallu of their designer Indian sari ‘just right’.

Of course, you can find techniques and tricks to wear your designer sari in the best possible way. If you have not had home training, there are enough websites giving you all the guidance to wear saree in the traditional method, making you look beautiful and elegant. Ask your heart honestly, however, and you will definitely come up with the answer that you wish whole heartedly for an automatic, pre-stitched designer Indian saree. Isn’t it?

You may well be left gaping when you see ladies wearing the latest designer saree in high fashion circles and thus keeping up the proud Indian tradition. The new trend around town is the ready to wear designer sari, which has been introduced to retain the expectations of tradition combined with the ease of wearing one. With readymade designer Indian sarees in town, it has become possible for ladies of other than South Asian origin to wrap and enjoy this beautiful traditional garment with ease.

The most difficult part in designer sari wrapping is how to follow each step as it seems awfully difficult when tried for the first time. Taking up the pleats and bringing the entire material all over the body might sound to be a real difficult task for a novice, but with practice it becomes very easy that you can finish up the job in just two minutes. This, however, will not avoid most ladies taking on at least a quarter of an hour to wear that special designer Indian sari for a wedding or a party, for these occasions demand superior dressing skills that take time!

You might have dreamt about easy to wear saree and how things can change up if something like that gets introduced into the market. Of course, earlier such pre stitched sarees were brought into shops but did not match up to high standards when worn. After wearing such ready to wear sarees, often it showed up that the entire thing was pre-stitched, thus resulting in a lot of embarrassment among those who tried this new concept. No wonder then that it started moving away from the world of fashion.

Ever since, experts and designers have been concentrating to bring about something which looked exactly like how a traditional designer Indian saree was worn. It was after years of painstaking research and experiments that the a href=””> pre-stitched designer wear saris was launched. This new version was highly appreciated by all who tried this new stuff.

You might be thinking of how and where to buy this new fashion statement called the automatic designer Indian sari.

There is nothing to worry on this aspect as it is the latest trend adopted by people all across the world. You can find this new concept in every leading textile shop and select one that suits your tastes. The internet has made it even more convenient as you can order online through different websites dedicated to serve the latest fashion in ready to wear designer Indian saris.

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Popular Pre Stitched Designer Saris For The Woman Of Substance

Posted by jasnav on April 24, 2009

Fashion statements are always propagated and popularized by celebrities who act as trend-setters for the youngster generation who in turn tend to take after their favorite stars or role models. Whether it is celebrities or common ladies, there is a perceptible shift towards the convenience of the pre-stitched designer Indian sari.

Nowadays people are more ready to go for automatic sarees to save their time and to reduce the difficulty in managing them. Young girls always find it difficult walking after wearing a saree. Most women have to get up early and along with their house work have to manage their career, which gives them less time to get ready. The problem has just got a very workable and elegant solution in the ready to wear sari.

With the advent of the designer readymade saree concept about two decades ago that revolutionized the fashion concept of wearing a saree and coupling it with the automatic saree idea, we can safely say that the saree model has taken another great leap in the world of readymade clothing. The whole task of draping a designer sari can be changed into just wearing a skirt and blouse without compromising on the elegance and grace of a regular Indian sari.

These pre stitched designer saris are also best suited for visiting dignitaries in India and tourists who like to blend in and adapt a bit of the local culture to enhance a sense of belonging while in India.

Earlier people used to talk about saree as something more traditional, but now it is also a style mantra. This is because of the increased number of ways in which you can wrap one around you. This is also possible with the new pre stitched sarees as you can find whatever you need in both offline and online stores that deal in Indian products and have a large variety in collections and designs.

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