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Plan A Trip To the Asian Countries and Collect Ideas for Home Decor

Posted by jasnav on March 20, 2009

Have you travelled to Asia and are dying to incorporate their style of interior designing in your homes too? This is the best decorating style that you can implement in your home without any hassles. All that you need to do is understand the accessories that are required, and make the color selection sensibly. With numerous oriental countries that are present, you can make a choice of theme based on your preference.

You can plan to have the walls painted in a pale, light color so that all the accessories will be projected in their true colors as the pale color will not compete with the bright fabrics used. You need to choose bold colors like red, orange etc if you are looking at the right home decor. The flooring needs to be hard, with several rugs dotting the floor. You can even mix and match several themes and be innovative with your ideas.

The fabrics that you use need to be chosen with care. Patterned fabrics that carry designs on it such as those on Indian sari fabrics are best used. You can do plenty of mix and match that gives you enough scope to add in your own ideas. Usually wall hangings, cushions, drapes etc are all made using beautiful saris. This is something that can be obtained at a very low price with the best possible designs from good online stores like .

You can choose combinations of gold and silver with the saris you select as this will provide a majestic and fiery look to your room, making it bright. An even better way to go about it is to plan a trip to these Asian countries and collect souvenirs on the way and this will give you enough material to decorate your house. If that is a bit over the top, look online for home decor stores like that specialise in such material.

There are several accessories that are available like precious stones, wall hangings etc that you can make an integral part of designing your home. The advantage of using these souvenirs is that you can get them at the most cheapest rates when you gather them from the places of origin. Even if bought online, these sari fabric materials and souvenirs will not cost you the earth, as they are available at very reasonable prices.

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