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Lehenga – The Perfect Attire of Indian Brides

Posted by indianselection on May 30, 2012

An Indian wedding is, more or less, a festival in itself! The stunning décor, the bright colors, the dazzling lights, the ‘shehnai’, the abundance of flowers and the fragrant spices – it looks like something that has jumped right out of a fairy tale book. It goes without saying that the wedding day is the most important day in a woman’s life and it is of paramount interest that she looks absolutely stunning. And it is only fair that at an affair as lavish as an Indian wedding, the attire of the bride is nothing short of amazing. Even though, every part of India has a different wedding dress deep rooted in the regional culture, ‘Ghagra choli’ or ‘Lehenga’ has been accepted as the most common form of wedding dress by the Indian women in recent times.

There can be no denial to the obvious fact that Indian fashion has seen some massive changes in the last century. However, ‘lehenga’ has somehow managed to retain its charm. Elegant – that is the word that comes to your mind when you see a woman clad in a gorgeous ‘lehenga’. It is one of the most beautifully crafted garments in the Indian bridal wear and comes in stunning fabrics like chiffon, silk, crepe, net and brocade. When it comes to the styles of wedding lehengas, Indian brides have a wide variety to choose from. While the traditional ghagras still come with an elbow-length or full-sleeved blouse and an overly round skirt, over the years, new styles and patterns of this dress have also emerged.

It must be mentioned here that modern fashion designers aim at making the fashionable Indian bride look like a traditional yet modern woman of substance. And that is why they have started thinking out of the box. Today’s lehengas come in a variety of colors, materials, styles and embroidery work. While there are the fancier ones like georgette lehenga, satin or net lehenga in fish cut, mermaid style, there are also short-length or a crepe lehengas available with a fancy ‘neemzari’ choli. Indian brides are very fond of lehengas that have a maroon short top heavily, embroidered with thread work with a green or beige maroon combination skirt with full zardosi and kundan work.

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The Timeless Beauty of Sarees

Posted by indianselection on February 15, 2012

In recent times the busy world has restricted the use of sarees to family occasions and festivals like Diwali and Dusshera. Even though the rat-race of everyday life has forced Indian women to get into trousers and shirts, they have not forgotten that the beauty of saree is eternal. It is the ultimate definition on a woman’s beauty, elegance and poise. That is why new prints, patterns and styles of sarees emerge in the market. And that is why, saree – the apparel wore by Indian women since time immemorial, is still so contemporary.

Saree – which is believed to be the Indian woman’s universal identity, are generally made of cotton, silk or synthetic fibers. A portion of the credit for keeping the popularity of sarees alive goes to the manufacturers and designers of recent times. They take immense pleasure in creating new designs and styles for these traditional dresses which keeps on bringing freshness to the fashion trends. Lehenga sarees are one of the most popular styles of this apparel. It is the perfect blend of a lehenga and a saree. These are most preferred by those who find the original style of wearing a saree very difficult. They can be easily wrapped around the waist and the pre-stiched pleats will automatically fall in place. The sarees are very comfortable and can be easily carried. They are available in different colors and combinations.

Another popular form is the Maya saree. They are made in shot-colors and are designed to change shades in the sunlight. The name suits this saree as “maya’ literally means magic. These are best suited for daytime outdoor parties. The reversible sarees are also a great addition to the unending variety. As these are designed in two different colors and show more than four pallus or anchals; they can be wore in many different styles. How about denim sarees with pockets where you can keep your keys, mobiles and pouches and still look ravishing?

As interesting as the new styles are, the traditional sarees are also popular as ever. They can be found in different kinds like Kanjivaram, Baluchari, Dhakai, Jamewar, Banarasi, Zardousi, Sambalpuri, Tangail, etc.

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Indian Embroidery Sarees Selling Cheap at Amazing Prices

Posted by jasnav on May 16, 2011

Embroidery sarees going cheap are a dream come true for any embroidered saree lover. What more could saree wearers ask for than out-of-the earth discounts on the sarees of your choice. However, believe it or not, this is precisely what the famous saree website,, has to offer its patrons.

Offering a wide variety of embroidered sarees that are loved and cherished by its patrons, for a short while the website has opened up huge discounts on the current range held with them. While it is not immediately known whether the aim is to dispose of existing stocks before bringing in new ones, what is sure is that here is an opportunity that should not be missed.

There are lots of varieties in embroideries in sarees. Those who have been following this blog would be well aware of the intricacies involved. The huge fan following of the different kinds of saree embroideries would also be well aware of the beauty the little colorful threads add to the basic garment.

One of the most famous garments that lends itself to wonderful embroideries is the Georgette saree. The Georgette cloth is amongst the most popular fabrics in the range of Indian sarees. The sheer material gets embellished beautifully with the colored thread embroidery that adds to the beauty of the saree. Colored threads used in the embroidery add further beauty to the georgette saree, and the wearer is sure to be appreciated by all onlookers.

Within the Georgette Sarees range, there are number of smaller sub-varieties. Vying for your attention are interesting names like the Baruni Georgette Saree, Chaintani Georgette Saree, Chakori Georgette Saree, Chandrika Georgette Saree, the Chanchal Georgette Saree and so on. Take your time selecting one that suits your style.

The sheer large variety available will ensure you will surely find an embroidered Georgette saree that suits your style and taste. Other varieties available are Daksha Georgette Indian Saree with embroidery, Dayanita Georgette Indian Saree with embroidery, Deepshikha Georgette Indian Saree with embroidery, Charulata Georgette Indian Saree with embroidery amongst others.

Saree wearers swear by the beauty and grace of this traditional Indian garment. The six yard wonder, as it is lovingly called, is the epitome of grace and beauty for its wearers. It has been popular for hundreds of years, and continues to be so in its new and sexy avatar.

From simple Indian housewives to Hollywood beauties that the world loves to admire, you will find the lovers of the Indian Embroidered sarees going all out to get the saree of their choice. While Indian women are known for their haggling abilities, here is a choice for all Saree lovers to get the best quality at an unbeatable price less any hassles.

The large variety available will have you spoilt for choice, but my recommendation is do not come away without actually purchasing one of these beauties. Knowing from personal experience, I can assure you the prices on these wonderfully embroidered Georgette sarees make them a real steal.

So get the best embroidered saree for yourself while the going is still good. The best deals await you on the website.

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Fantastic Discounts Going On Printed Indian Sarees

Posted by jasnav on April 14, 2011

In a wonderful news for lovers of printed Indian sarees, the famous website has great discounts going on their printed saree range. The discounts are as high as 50%, which means you get double your money’s worth for half the price.

In an unbelievable turn of events, the site has a fantastic offer – get a printed saree free with every saree you purchase. In effect this means that every time you decide to pick up a printed Indian saree from the website, you will get another one absolutely free.

So next time you visit the website, choose not one, but two sarees, and get both while you pay for only one.

Indian selections is reputed website providing top of the line quality Indian sarees and saree fabric used in a variety of imaginative ways. Clients of the website have been loyal to it for years, as the website has built up a reputation of quality products at affordable prices. The website also boasts of a fantastic customer response, with 99% orders being delivered on time and 100% customer satisfaction.

This is perhaps the first time the website is offering such huge discounts. While such discounts are generally given on digital products that have hardly any cost, the website has gone out of its way to give such massive discounts that are rare in the bricks and mortar websites.

Indian printed sarees are amongst the most popular of designs due to their elegance and ease of maintenance, besides the low initial cost. Indian printed sarees can be used in a large variety of ways other that just wearing them, and there is no better place to hunt for ideas than this innovative website itself. From curtains to belly dance fabric, table and duvet covers to valances, from traditional wall hangings to sari bedspreads, the website gives some fantastic ideas. Not only ideas, you can actually pick up some of this fantastic and unique stuff right off the shelf from the website itself.

The sheer variety of types of cloth and printed sarees on offer in itself presents a formidable range. You could not be faulted for taking your own sweet time exploring the huge variety of products available on the site. Within each category are numerous options of cloth types, colors, types of embroidery and so on. You can choose the combination that suits you best. The website even offers you the option of getting your purchase altered as well to your exact size without any extra charges. This means that you are not stuck with standard sizes as are generally available in the readymade clothes market. The competition does not exist overall, and where it does, it does not compare favorably with

The latest discount offer on printed sarees from Indian selections is an anniversary offer that is not likely to last very long. So my suggestion to my readers is to rush there as soon as possible and take advantage of the irresistible offer while the party lasts.

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