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How To Choose The Right Curtain Accessories For Your Home

Posted by jasnav on January 26, 2011

Displayed by itself, the humble curtain would fail to live up to the expectations of most. But adorn it with the right curtain accessories and curtains can light up your home interior decor like none other. Here are some curtain accessories that are a must have for your interior home decor plans.


In formal living rooms, dining rooms or ornate rooms, drapes or custom curtains with valances add a touch of sophistication. Curtains valances are fabric coverings that are usually used as a framing for the window. Alternatively they may also be used creatively to hide the curtain track or rod. Tastefully done valances add elegance and style to the setting of the windows.

Valances can be used creatively to draw attention away from not so perfect windows when they are either too narrow, too small, or set at odd angles. The valance, which is a short curtain or drape in itself, may be used on its own, or along with curtains, drapes or blinds.

Curtains valance can be used as a standalone window treatment when you want to let in natural light and when privacy is not an issue. When used on its own without curtains and drapes, valances make a small room seem larger than it actually is, by making it more open and airy.

There are several materials of which you can make valances. As a rule of the thumb they should be of the same cloth as the curtains themselves, but some specialists like silk curtain valances would go with any kind of curtains.

Tiebacks and Tassels

When you attach a single valance to a set of two curtains, tiebacks will be required to keep the curtains open. Attaching fringes or a cord to a valance is a creative way to accentuate them, and tassels can be of matching material and design.



Hardware for window treatments is available in a wide variety of styles. Some curtain rods are designed to be covered by the curtains, while others are best displayed prominently due to their highly decorative nature.

If the rod is meant to be featured you could hang the curtains from decorative rings sewn into the top panel. Considering both the curtain and the rod at the same time will save you the disappointment of having pieces that don’t complement each other.


Curtain finials are the decorative ends on the curtain rod. Finials can be light plastic pieces to very heavy fancy ornate ones. They can be found in wooden, wrought-iron, glass, or plastic make. The most standard and popular shapes are hook, the dagger, the onion (or ball) and the swirl.

You also have to be sure the finials will fit where you are hanging the curtain. Consider the shape of your window and the molding around it. In some cases there just isn’t room for large fancy finials, nor is it always appropriate for the style of curtain you have picked.

Use these tips to complement your curtains purchase with the right curtain accessories so they stand out from the crowd and give your room that extra special look.

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    • jasnav said

      @math games,

      I’ve been using Firefox to edit and run the posts, and they are working perfectly fine here. In fact WordPress, on which the blog is being hosted is fully compliant with Firefox.

      Maybe you do not have the latest version of Firefox. Please try updating your browser. That should resolve your problem.


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  3. .The valance, which is a short curtain or drape in itself, may be used on its own, or along with curtains, drapes or blinds?

    • jasnav said

      @ download master,

      The explanation is in the article itself – only valances are used where there is requirement of more light and the valances are purely for decoration.

      The more popular usage of valances remains as a accessory to the drapes and curtains.

      I hope that clarifies things.


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    • jasnav said

      @Emmanuel Helser and Janet,

      It is really a pleasure to learn that you have enjoyed the site. The endeavor is to put across the views and experiences so as to benefit the readers. If that aim is achieved, I feel blessed.

      Thanks for the comment.


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