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Wedding Shopping And Wedding Preparations In A Short Time

Posted by jasnav on October 19, 2009

Go For Readily Available Clothes

If you are not an avid fan of traditional stuff, salwar kameez as your bridal trousseau is apt. There is wide variety of designs available in the market. While shopping, you can pick up unstitched salwar kammez for post wedding functions at your in laws place.

Copper prints, brasso, Tussar et al in jacquard, brocade and georgette material are in vogue in case of unstitched salwar kameez.

Invitations At Rocket Speed

There cannot be a wedding without friends, guests and relatives. Instead of getting it hand delivered personally, ask your pals living in different parts of the city/country to come to your rescue. This move will not only save you time but also money.

The other way is to get it scanned and email it across to everyone. Do not fret over this as people would understand the issue of shortage of time. In case of important relatives like in-laws et al, ask one of close relatives to help you deliver the invitations on your behalf.

Be The Sizzling Bride On Your Wedding

Weddings are all about the brides and their attire. It is one time of life when every girl wishes to look like a dream princess.

A lot of would be brides push themselves for dieting. Due to the time constraint and more deadlines to meet, keep your hands more on the healthy food options.

A healthy look will make you look and feel more vibrant on your big day.

Don’t Forget The Comfort Factor

Wedding is all about glamorous and sparkling designs. Do pick up some comfortable cotton and chiffon unstitched salwar kameez material for wearing during the rituals during and after the wedding.

It is advisable to wear comfortable yet chic salwar kameez while attending the strenuous long hours of rituals.

So breathe in and get going for your wedding shopping at a breeze.

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