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Different Types Of Salwar Kameez

Posted by jasnav on July 15, 2008

Salwar Kameez is a traditional dress worn by the people of South Asia. The garment is worn by both the genders, men and women. Salwar kameez is a casual outfit and it is generally preferred by the people of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Srilanka. While in Pakistan and Afghanistan the garment is worn by men as well (it is the national dress), but in general, salwar kameez is a woman’s garment.

The traditional salwar is a loose trouser having wide legs at the top portion that becomes narrow at the end(the feet side). The Salwar resembles a pajama and it is a very comfortable garment for use during day or night. Kameez is referred to as a long shirt and covers the area above the waist-line.

The Salwar can be gathered along the waist with the help of elastic or string belt. The traditional dress salwar kameez is always accompanied by a long, light shawl-like cloth called dupatta and it provides the beauty for the garment, besides offering modesty to the wearer.

There are different varieties of salwar kameezes and lots of different types of textiles are also available in the market for the purpose of stitching a salwar kameez. You can either go for stitching as per your precise requirement from a boutique that deals in it, or pick up readymade salwaar kameez from designer stores to save on time and effort.

Salwar kameez is sometimes also known as the Punjabi suit, which comes with a high appeal of fashion, tradition and culture. Adornment of the salwar kameez with embroideries, decoration, paintings, bead work and multiple colors makes this garment a great success across many nations. In general it is considered as an elegant and simple outfit, which provides freedom of movement while being fashionable and chic. Salwar kameez has evolved into different forms of outfit such as the chudidhar, kurta and sherwani, depending upon the requirement of the user.

The existence of many online shopping stores these days has provided the option of purchasing salwar kameez through the internet. Hence it has become favorable for the people across the world to adorn this particular garment.

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