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Patiala Salwar Kameez

Posted by jasnav on February 27, 2008

One of the more traditional forms of salwar kameez is the Patiala salwar kameez. This type has some interesting history behind it. The garment is named after Patiala, a city in the North Indian state of Punjab. The dress was so called because in ancient times the king of Patiala used to wear baggy pants and tops that were full sleeved. The trend became so popular that women started copying it in their daily wear resulting in what is now known as patiala salwars. Just like the king’s pants, the patiala salwars are very loose and pleated. In fact the more baggy the pant is the better it looks.

The fall of the pleats is such as to give a beautiful draping effect. There is a lot of fluidity in the salwar’s look and women wear it with short and tight tops. The salwar has drawstring waist just like other salwars. For women with heavier bottom half, this design could do wonders as the extra weight is well hidden under the scores of drapes and pleats. This type is also very comfortable, especially in summer months when the loose fit allows one to keep cool. The patialas are more common among the women of North India, but they are definitely gaining in popularity throughout the country too due to their lovely look.

Women with short height can do especially well with this garment, particularly if they wear a kurta that hits above the knee. The kurtas could be long too for this type of salwar kameez, but to really show off the beauty of the bottom’s design, it is better to wear tops that are shorter. Also, the slits at the sides of the kurtas have to be long, sometimes up to the waist. The fabric, color and embroidery can be of varied types and depends upon the wearer’s style.

A wide range of Patiala Salwaar Kameez can be bought at the most reasonable rates at online stores selling Indian merchandise, such as, and

130 Responses to “Patiala Salwar Kameez”

  1. raman said

    i wonder tht patiala salwar is a converted design of a male pant. i hadn’t heard b’for.

  2. Sarah said

    Hi there,

    I’m desperately looking for a sewing pattern for Patiala salwars. Even a lesson would be helpful! If you have any ideas or suggestions, I’d greatly appreciate them.


  3. Rasna said

    Hi All!

    Kindly tell me how to sew a patiala salwar. Also how much of cloth is required for a standard patiala salwar?


    • sudharshana gandha said

      kindly let me know how to draft and sew patiala salwar along with images

      • saroj said

        kindly show the drafting and cutting of semi patiala

      • jasnav said


        There is absolutely no difference in the draft and cutting of semi patiala as compared to a full patiala salwar kameez, except that it has lesser number of pletes.

        Just space out the pletes to about an inch and a half to two inches, and your semi patiala will come out just fine.


  4. jasnav said

    Hi Sarah!
    The rectangular portion is of the patiala salwaar is of the same size as of a normal salwaar. If the length is 38 inches, then a seperate 9 inch piece is needed for the belt ie; the belt should be 9 inches by 52 inches.
    Take a double square piece of 32 inches, fold it and make a right triangle. Cut one side of 7 inches on the edge of the hypotenuse and the horizontal side to make the aasan. Stich the vertical side of the triangular piece with the side of the rectangular piece.
    Where you join the salwaar and the belt, less than half portion should be joined with pletes.
    Pl keep checking out this blog – I will be starting a full series on patiala salwaar kameez shortly.
    Best Wishes,

    • Komala said


      Would be more help full if i get some picture of the cutting and stiching of patiala .

      Thanks & Regards,

      • jasnav said

        Hi Komal,

        I tried looking around for some pictures for you. Will try to find some and post some on the blog shortly.

        Best wishes

  5. jasnav said

    Hi Rasna!
    Pl refer my earlier reply to Sarah’s comments. It will give you an idea of the stitching procedure.
    The patiala salwaar requires more cloth than ordinary salwaars, mainly due to the layers of cloth buried under the pletes. This is what gives the patiala salwaar it’s unique and rich feel and look.
    The cloth required for a full size patiala salwaar is 3.5 meters.
    Series on patiala salwaars coming up!
    Best Wishes,

  6. surabhi said

    iam 6 feet tall girl , How much cloth is required for stitching patiala salwar for me ..The length is around 40-42 inch of normal salwar

    thx in advance


  7. jasnav said

    Hi Surabhi!
    A normal patiala salwaar for a 5’4″ lady requires around 3.5 meters of cloth. For you, 4 to 4.25 meters should be adequate, depending on your waist size.
    Best wishes,

  8. surabhi said

    Hi … jasnav

    Can u tell me the difference between semi patiala salwar , regular patiala salwar and shahi salwar ….and how much cloth is required for semi patiala salwar and shahi salwar ….sorry for giving trouble …

    thx in advance and regards

  9. jasnav said

    Hi Surabhi!

    My apologies for the delayed response. I was going around consulting some experts to ensure you get the right answer to your query.

    Difference b/w semi patiala and regular is that in semi patiala, less cloth is used for the pletes and the pletes are also less. This passes for comparitively less formal stuff, and the overall cloth used is less as well.

    For a standard sized Indian woman (5’2″ to 5’6″), the cloth required for patiala, and semi patiala is respectively 3.5 to 4 meters and 2.5 to 3 meters repectively. For someone your size, it would be 4.5 to 5 meters for patiala, and 3.5 meters for semi patiala should suffice.

    Best Wishes,

  10. janani said

    how to keep the pleats for patiala im not getting it how much gap should be there between each pleats.please help me out.
    with regards,

  11. Ria Sharma said

    Hi Jasnav,

    Can you please let me know how much fabric would be enough for shirt ( kameez) for a 5′ 6″ girl with average physical built ?

  12. jasnav said

    Hello Ria!

    With regards to your query, the shirt for a patiala salwaar kameez is generally shorter than those of normal salwaar kameez. It would generally end at the knees, or slightly above them, the aim being to showcase the much more elaborate salwaar.
    For someone your size, the length of cloth required would be about 2.5 meters.

    Best wishes,

  13. kanika said

    hi jasnav,

    iam 4’11”, weigh 49 kgs and have a fairly proportionate body. How well would semi patiala suit me ? wat other salwar kameez styles would suit me ?

  14. Maha said

    hi Jasnav add me to ur list…..
    em another fan ov ur nice replies for patiala salwar…..

    i wanna ask something about plate making plzz inform me at my id



  15. jasnav said



    Seeing your height and weight, you seem to be fairly slim, so a semi-patiala should suit you fairly well. Just try and keep the shirt length small(above knee length) to display the design well and to go with your height. Also you can go for high heels as the heels themselves will be mostly hidden by the flares of the salwar.

    As for the other types, you should prefer churidaar, with the length of the shirt being below the knee in this case, to give you a taller look. Also the churidaar shirt should be with a long slit with a band shaped neck.


  16. jasnav said

    Hi Maha!

    Thanks for your encouraging words. I will definitely keep you in mind when we start some mailers from this site.

    As for any of your queries, I suggest we use this forum so it can be for the benefit of all. For all you know, someone may have the same query and may benefit from your question!


  17. Maha said

    Hmmm Jasnav very nice buddy…..

    So when u r gonna rock on this site by the most interested topic…..

    Kindly start it …..Cuzz mujhay farewell per her surat-e-hall indian patialla pehnni hai……..

    So sweet ov ur reply apna bohat khayal rekhna….



  18. Ria Sharma said

    Hi Jasnav,

    Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it.


  19. Jaleh said

    Hi Jasnav, I’m trying to understand your instructions for a patiala salwar…sorry if I sound like an idiot! :(

    Do you mean that we should take about 5 meters of fabric, cut it into something like four squares with the crotch cut into the diagonal of each square and the ankle opening cut out?

    I’m sorry to sound like an idiot, but I need help.



  20. Jaleh said

    Correction on the above, I meant TWO squares, not four!!!

  21. jasnav said

    Hi Jaleh!

    You have hit the nail on the head – bang on! The two squares will morph into the two legs of the salwaar. Once folded into triangles, the lower (smaller) end will be the ankle end.

    And never mind about sounding like not knowing anything – the best way to find out is to ask – those who do not ask questions do not learn anything at all! :-)

    Best Wishes.

  22. Jaleh said

    Dear Jasnav,

    Thank you for being understanding and helpful! I’m going to get busy cutting the salwar now, and hopefully I’ll get the pleating right.

    Thank you yet again so very much!!!


  23. M said

    I find a total lack of Indian style sewing pattern in the West very frustrating. I have one sewing pattern for salwar kameez that is Simplicity 4249 but it has the skinny pants.

    Someone has given you instructions that sound quite good already. If you really need a diagram try to find this book: Patternmaking for Fashion Design by Helen Joseph Armstrong. ISBN 0-06-501789-7 It is in the section for pants and called geometric-draped pant.

  24. Maha said

    Hey Jasnav,

    I have successfully cut down and sew a patialla but but but…..

    pleats are not correct i think because shape ov the patialla is not like other patiallazzz…

    leme let u understand that how i have stitched that.

    8-10 pleats on front ov both sides in inward position….like to fold a paper horizontally inward
    :( hmmm i was wrong after complete stitching i got it…..
    jasnav plzzz do upload or send graphical pattern making or cutting can u provide ur own cutting steps picsss

    plzz try it sabki tenssion durr bhagao apna pattern samjhao.


  25. Loveleen said

    Hi!! I am looking for patiala salwar pattern for my 3 year old twin girls. Can anyone please give me some guidance? I used to make suits for my self when i was in college in India but have forgotten all the calculations that i used :o(

  26. asma said

    there is one more difference between patiala and regular shalwar i.e. the pletes of patiala are one inch thick whereas in normal shalwar they are more like the gatherings we see in frocks.

  27. zana said

    he there!

    some one help me to do a block of a shalwar kameez plz.i want to know the way of making a block for a shalwar kameez.


  28. sathya said

    pls help me to do a block of a shalwar kameez plz.i want to know the way of making a block for a shalwar kameez.

    thank you

  29. sherry said

    I would like to know if they sell pattern for salwaar kameez with designs that you can cut and sew. Please let me know.
    Thank you

  30. hema said

    Hi Jasnav

    It was gr8 to see the pattern on the blog. I did try it out & came out pretty well. thanks

  31. SAVITA said

    hi everyone.
    I am new to this site. I just want to know ,where is the pattern on the blog.?
    can anyone help me please.???

  32. Jasnav said

    Hi Savita!

    Welcome to the blog, and regrets for the delayed response.

    Pl look up the post dated 11 May for details on the pattern of stitching a patiala salwaar kameez.

    Best wishes.

  33. Renu said

    Hi Jasnav,

    I have no words to express my excitement when I finally found some details on stitching a salwar. I am also new to this site and would appreciate it if you please let me know where I can find the pattern on the blog. This can help to learn the steps to make a salwar. I am not clear where do we start?. I am 5-3′ tall and suppose I have 3 meter fabric, which part I need to fold so that I get the front part of the salwar. How to get the back part which is triangle. Also how to get the belt part of the salwar.

    Thanks a zillion

  34. Soma said

    Please let me know about the belt part of the patiala salwar…..this would be like simple salwar or somthing else…….I read all the mails and hats off to you for helping others….

    thanks in advance.

  35. nazia said

    hi jus to let u knw im trying to get hold of the sereies for the patiala salwar but cnt seem to find it im also new to this site id very much like to try out this salwar for my daughter so pleassssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee cann you let me knw thmks

  36. nazia said

    hi jasnav

    im still awiting reply about patiala salwar the one with loadsa loadsa pleats in it i cant seem to find the blog on which the series r ?so please can u reply or email this to me ive bin tryin 4 weeks nw wivout luck or do u know of any websites that have the steps? thanks awaiting reply

  37. Jasnav said

    Hi Nazia,

    I have wondering why you have been trying to locate a site that gives detailed instructions for stitching the patiala salwar for your daughter. Actually, if you read the earlier posts on this very blog carefully, you will find detailed instructions right here.

    As for having ‘loadsa loadsa pleates’, all you really need to do is take some more cloth and use it to create more pleates. For instance, if you have an average build and need about 2.5 meters cloth for a regular patiala salwar, take three meters and fold the extra cloth into additional pleates.

    It’s that simple. Really!

    Meanwhile, I did come across a diagrammatic explanation of an indian salwar that may be of use. Combine the diagram with the explanation on this blog to come up with the perfect patiala salwar kameez for your daughter!

    You can also avoid yourself the trouble and visit to pick up a ready made patiala salwaar kameez at very reasonable cost.

  38. Jasnav said


    This is in reply to your query regarding the belt of a regular and a patiala salwar.

    They are the same; the difference lies in the number of pleates that enemate from the belt.

    Regards n best wishes!

  39. Star said

    Maybe this will help — very detailed instructions, took me all day to find. Along with Jasnav’s instructions and tips, maybe it’s what we’ve been looking for. I hope they keep the site up…

  40. jasnav said


    Thanks for the information. Feedback from active friends like you will definitely help us getting the message across the blog.

    So do post pictures on the blog on step by step creation of the patiala salwaar kameez when you start making one. I’m sure there must be lots of grateful people who will appreciate the good work on this blog!

    Best wishes


  41. Neha said

    hi…my name is neha…i am just 5 feet and my weight is 60kg..culd u pls tell me whether patiala will suits me……

  42. Jasnav said


    I can understand your apprehension, as you perhaps feel that being comparatively short and somewhat heavily built, the pataila salwaar kameez may not suit your figure.

    Worry not!

    Patiala does suit all kinds of figures. In fact the multiple layers of pletes actually help you hide the extra fat around your middle to make you look good and smart.

    The fall of the fabric will add to the grace of the garment, and will make you look in vogue.

    Do take care, however, to go in for a short length shirt to avoid looking short. Also, this will give the patiala salwaar full opportunity to showcase its beauty as it will not be hidden by the shirt.

    Endnote – A large number of ladies in Punjab, India are around your height, and support much more weight – they look gorgeous in their traditional and chic patiala suits. You don’t have too much to worry there!

    Best wishes,

  43. majeeda said


    I am 5′ 9″ tall and weight around 63 kg.
    I wish to know what kinda indian dresses (especially in suit-salwar) will suit me?
    please let me know.

  44. majeeda said


    I am 5′ 9″ tall and weight around 63 kg.
    I wish to know what kinda indian dresses (especially in suit-salwar) will suit me?
    please let me know.

  45. jasnav said



    You can go in for a heavy patiala, as with your thin figure and good height, it will look graceful on you.

    Also, you can try the latest trend of ‘Anarkali’ suits, that are basically frock style shirts that are knee length, with a churidar pyjama underneath.

    Best wishes

  46. shreya said

    hi!!!dis is shreya!!!i am 5’4 in height n around 52 kgs in weight.
    i am a litlle cnfused regarding…..patiala n semipatiala salwar?
    could u plz temme which one would b beter for me?

    • jasnav said

      Hi Shreya!
      With your height and weight combination, you should go in for a full patiala. The heavy pletes and smooth flow of the garment will look extremely graceful on your lithe figure.

  47. nikta said

    hi my name is nikita. i am 5’6″ & my weight is 50 kgs i want to know that which patiala suit me regular or semi. also i want to know that which type of sleeves suited to patial ie. full sleeves or three fourth.



  48. Farooq said

    Why female showoff their shalwar belt which holds pleats and gathers of shalwar?Visiblity of belt is just for fashion?
    i think it look worse and seems immodest.Pl reply.thanks,

  49. jasnav said


    Seeing your height-weight stats you obviously have a good height and thin figure.

    Go for a full patiala to enhance the flow of the salwaar on your lithe figure.

    However, do not discount a semi-patiala totally, as you can use it for a change. With your figure, practically any kind of salwar should look good on you.

    As for the sleeves, traditionally, the patiala salwaar suit has full length sleeves. Go for it.


  50. jasnav said


    The patiala salwaar kameez is a very decent and modest dress, and has traditionally been popular over centuries.

    The pletes etc are definitely something that are the usp of the garment, hence showing them off is central to the entire theme of making the salwar kameez in the first place.

    There are thousands of other revealing dresses in the world which would perhaps meet your definition of immodesty much better, but definitely not this one!


  51. Farooq said

    But the visibility of salwar belt fascinate me very much and I always start watching the belt of ladies’s salwars and get horny. I love that.Could you please send me some sites address where I could get patiala salwar pics.thanks

  52. shreya said

    hey thanx alot…… i find full patiala is too tough too carry!
    n i wanna go for semi- patiala….!plz teme if it would suit me or nt as i hav a litle heavy bottom……n wat about the kurti….whethr it shud b shrt or long….??????

    • jasnav said

      Hi Shreya!

      Well, to tell you frankly one of the advantages of wearing a heavy patiala is that the numerous pletes actually help in hiding excess fat, or any kind of heavy bottoms etc. (Lots of Punjabi ladies will bear me out there!)

      However, do not sweat if you cannot carry one – a semi patiala should do just fine.

      As for the shirt, I would suggest you go for a long shirt as you will find yourself being less conscious about your bottom when wearing one, thus enabling yourself to be free of mind and actually concentrate on enjoying yourself.


  53. jasnav said


    Every person has his own fantasies, you obviously have yours.

    A google search on ‘patiala salwaar pics’ would probably get you the pictures you desire.

    Best wishes,

  54. Ashu said

    Hi Jasnav,

    You are really a very patient person. Hats off to you.
    For more than one full year you have answered various question abt Patiala Salwar.

    Thanks sis for your explainations


  55. jasnav said


    Thanks for the compliments. It is kind comments like yours that keep us going.

    You have obviously taken pains to go through the whole year worth of comments, as I do not find your name anywhere on this page before this.

    Why don’t you digg this page and let your friends also know about it, so more people can benefit from the little knowledge that we have to share.


  56. Farooq said

    Mr./Miss or Mrs. did not like my questiones,but belive me Ladies patiala shalwars appeals me very much.whenever i watch girl here in Pakistan i start searching of her shalwar belt and the visibility of belt make me hot.

  57. jasnav said


    Good to learn that. I’m sure ladies reading your comments would see it as a confirmation of the sexiness of the patiala salwaar kameez, a dress that is traditional yet modern at the same time.


  58. nazia said

    hi jasnav
    thanks 4 the reply i just checked today after so long just wanted to know if you know how to cut samosa ,dhoti ,and kajoori salwars or any other types of salwar , thanks

    • jasnav said


      I do make an attempt at replying to all comments, to the best of my knowledge.

      Though I am not directly aware of the kinds of salwar you desire, I seriously suggest you take some offline stitching classes if you are so much into making different types of salwar. Online instructions on stitching will only tell you so much, and are better suited to the ready to wear category.

  59. Pari said


    I am 5′ ft and my weight is 56 kgs.

    I want to know that which will suit me better – patiala or semi – patiala suit. What should be the length of kurta for it? Does this look good without duppatta also (only kurta and salwar)?


    • jasnav said

      Hi Pari,

      You seem to be having a normal build as per the details provided by you. Go for a semi-patiala as that will suit you better.

      You could go for a kurta of knee length or shorter as per your height.

      A dupatta would look good with a printed salwar. In case you are using a plain one, you could go without a dupatta as well, though a dupatta does give a unique grace to your dress.

      Alternatively, you could even try using a stole instead of a full size dupatta for variety.

      Best wishes,

  60. Indira said

    I need to know how to stitch a patiala pant, with full measurements, could anyone help me in this regard?

  61. tamil said

    I need to know how to stitch a patiala pant, chudidhar,blouse,with full measurements, could anyone help me in this regard?

  62. shweta said

    i am new to this , i learnt to draft salwar kameez, salwaar is fine with me, but i am not able to draft a kameez with deep necklines. also the armholes go terribly wrong. can u pleae suggest a website for the patterns and mail it to my mail id

    thanks in advance

  63. jasnav said


    Pl scroll up on this page to get the full detailed explanation of how to stitch the patiala salwar, or patiala pant as you call it.

    Pl look for the post dated 11 May 2008 for detailed instructions.


  64. Ritu said


    I’m 5′ 9″ married woman, weigh around 71 kgs… ( bit on the heavier side .. sadly!!!) 36-32-40

    Please suggest me which what pattern of patiala will suit me ie full or semi and also what shud be the length of the shirt?

    Thanks in advance for the advic

    • jasnav said


      With a height, figure to weight ratio like that, I wouldn’t call u ‘on the heavier side’. By no means.

      Seeing your height, it would be ideal for you to go in for a full patiala salwar.The flow of the pletes will look lovely on your legs. The numerous pletes will also help in covering up your bottom, of which you are obviously conscious.

      Also, go in for a knee length, or even shorter shirt, as your height allows you the liberty to experiment with your clothes. This will allow the full glory of the flowing patiala salwar to be visible to admiring onlookers – which includes your husband!

  65. danny said

    please can u let me no how to cut a samosa shalwar please

    Iam not quite sure whether its like a triangle shape & then pleated just at the sides. please do let me no
    How do u get the middle bit , lost there
    kind regards

    • jasnav said

      Sorry, I’m an expert on the patiala salwar. Can reply even the weirdest of questions on the subject, but sorry for the ‘samosa salwar’.

      PS – The only samosas I like are the edible ones! yum!

  66. Ritu said

    Hey Jasnav,

    Thanks a lot dear. U r really helpful.. unlike other websites where people initially respond then after sometime they get bored of replying so many queries.

    Well I was better figure before marriage (32-28-38) ….thats y feel heavier now.. though I’m trying to reduce now..

    Thank u again for the advice. Please suggest, that does patiala looks good only in small prints (as my tailor says) Coz i have got on fabric in big flower prints .. will patiala look good of that material. My tailor takes 4 mtr cloth of 42 inch width for full patiala ( i hope he is not cheating me by taking much fabric)

    Also if you could suggest some website which has patterns of kurtis over patiala.. or latest salwarsuits.

    • jasnav said

      Hi Ritu!

      Thanks for your kind words. It is friends like you who keep us going.

      First, the cloth length the tailor is taking is just fine. You are tall for Indian standards, and extra cloth would be needed for your height.

      I don’t entirely agree with the tailor for the advice on the print, as larger prints can work just as well in a patiala salwar kameez.

      You need to go for a short, plain shirt or kurti of a color matching with the print. Then ask your tailor to cut out a border of the floral salwar cloth and use that as a border on all sides of the dupatta/chunni/stole for the patiala salwar suit. It’ll look abs fab.

      Hmmm. I’m already imagining the lovely looking patiala salwar suit! Why don’t you do a favor to all the readers of this blog and post your picture here, wearing the patiala salwar suit when it is ready? It would be greatly appreciated by all.

      You can try out for some great ideas on the latest patterns of patiala salwar and kurtis. Explore the site for lots of other ready to wear stuff, as well as get some very different and interesting home decor ideas using saris and other such hand made cloth.

      Best Wishes,

  67. ifra said


    i have read the entire posts and i still dont understand the pleats section. how wide should the pleats be and from the front up to where should the pleats be?

    also should the pleats be halfway on top of each other or a bit spaced out.
    i have seen pics of the bottom half of patialas but not the belt part.


    • jasnav said

      Hello Ifra,

      I’ll repeat it for you.

      For a patiala salwar, the pleats should be 1/2 to one inch wide, depending on how many you want.

      Pleats have to start at the front and made till the sides. The back of the belt is plain.

      The pleats have to be spaced out to give a proper fall to the patiala salwar.

      Best wishes,

  68. kochu said

    Hi jasnav,

    Went thru the replies u had given to the above guys? but I would appreciate if u cud upload some pictures like the one drawn with a pencil in a white paper to give the illustration and the stitching pattern. That would be helpful

  69. aarti said

    hi will be very helpful if some cut out sample are given thanks

  70. sinu said

    hi friend

    Very thanks a lot for ur all informations abt patiala salwar.
    can u send me sum pics or pencil drawing illustration abt the
    stitching pattern? like how to cut n sew? that would be very helpful for us.

    this is my id


  71. jasnav said

    @sinu, kochu, aarti

    unfortunately I do not have any pencil drawings now. Why not save yourself the trouble and go for a readymade patiala salwar?

    You can get a whole range of reasonable salwar suits at

    best wishes


  72. Sana said

    Hi, i have read all ur comments regarding the shalwar n i think u are WOW lol.. but unfortunately i dnt undastnd wat semi patiala and full patiala is.. please explain.

    also do u knw about the kajoori shalwar with buttons?

  73. Sana said

    i am 5ft 4 and weigh 50 kgs wat kameez length in inches should i get sewn..

    • jasnav said


      With your height and weight combination, you should go for a length of 39-40 inches for the kameez. This will result in a length just above your knees, and is an ideal length for the patiala shirt. It will also showcase the beautifully made patiala salwar ideally.

      Best wishes,

  74. jasnav said


    The difference between a semi-patiala and a full patiala lies in the number of pletes. While a full patiala is loaded with a large number of pleates, the semi-patiala has a comparatively lesser number.

    Accordingly, the cloth used in a semi-patiala is also less than that of a full patiala.

    I hope that clarifies things!

    Best wishes,

  75. Manisha said

    Hi Jasnav,
    I have been making Salwar-Kameez since 16 yrs now(for myself). I did it a very different way…never knew of such an easy pattern. the way I make is a bit complicated. It has 6 pieces in all for both the legs. even with a measure of 3 mtrs of cloth, the fall never came well.My main problem with my pattern is always that the stitch of the salwar doesnt fall right at the back, it comes at the inside of my legs, which means the pleats dont show well.
    You seriously dont know how much happy, excited n relieved I am today to find your pattern. I am going to try the pattern in the morning itself. I am truly n honestly extremely grateful to you.
    thnx a ton!
    my Bestest Wishes to u,
    Manisha :)

  76. jasnav said


    It is really good to see you have enjoyed reading the instructions.

    For the benefit of all our readers, I am keen to learn if you have been able to improve the pattern of your patiala salwar by following the simple instructions given in this blog.

  77. can anyone give me the draft or pencil drawing of a patiala salwar,so that i can stitch it myself. Saroja. said

    please can anyone give me the pencil drawing of patiala salwar kameez,i want to stitch it myself

  78. Gulab said

    Hi Jasnav,
    Thanks for helping every one. I hope i can get help from you too. I am 5 feet 6 1/2 inches and weigh 77kgs. Can you pls tell me how many meters of cloth required to stitch KURTI.


    • jasnav said

      Hello Gulab

      We are here to help you out.

      The size of cloth required for a kurti for you should be 2 meters. If you have large ‘var’, i.e. the broader variety of cloth length, the cloth required would be somewhat less – 1.75m.

      I hope this helps!


  79. SUFIM7 said

    can any one teach me how to sew samosa slwar with drawing or sketch designing.i am desperately looking for months now .Thankyou

  80. SUFIM7 said

    can any one teach me how to cut samosa salwar with drawing or sketch designing and guide how to stitch.i am desperately looking for months now .Thankyou

  81. sheromey said

    im very keen to know how can cut&stitch a patiala pands??????/
    i expecting some help from you….plz attach some 4tos of patiala pands cutting mathod….thos ma kindly request……

  82. fahd sana said

    great job Jasnav. i read all comments & i learnt a lot. i have a question Jasnav hope u will help me.
    i want to knw does Patiala shalwar suits on men too or it is for girls only?

    hope to hear from you soon.
    & one more thing i got some pics on internet if anyone want to see click on the link there’s variety of Pics.

    • jasnav said

      Hello Fahd,

      In earlier times patiala salwar was worn exclusively by men. Only lately, over the past 100 years or so, it has developed into a mostly female fashion accessory.

      However, there are still parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan where the patiala shalwar is worn by men as it is part of their dress and culture.

      BTW, nice pictures there. I liked browsing around and seeing some of the styles displayed in your pictures.

  83. harmonious1 said

    Thank you so very much for your hard work and generosity in sharing this with the world.
    I L O V E this type of garb and it is so much fun to learn how to make it myself. Especially as this way it will be sure to fit.
    You are so very patient with all the demands for MORE! MORE! haha
    I think there has been a lack of information on the “information super-highway” in this area, and that is one reason why your contribution is so much appreciated. It is hard to find commercial patterns for Indian traditional garb. I did find reference to one book (in english) with instructions on how to draft and cut kurta, kameez, salwar, churidar, choli, etc, but sadly it is not to be found for sale anywhere or in libraries.
    I am hoping to try out your patialas soon. I would like to challenge all your readers to be the first one to publish a tutorial with pictures of their own patiala making adventures. May we place a link here in your comments section?

    • jasnav said


      Thanks for all the kind words. It is really an honor to be of service to friends across the globe.

      Yes, it would be interesting to learn of such a tutorial I’m sure.

      Best Wishes!

  84. Genial dispatch and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.

  85. Good collection of work & excellent site!

  86. hey friend… i think your site is very interisting for me….. your site give me some important information.. thanks a lot!

  87. Sunglasses said

    Wow so nice! I like this site.Keep it working every day :)

  88. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it, Good job My friend ;)

  89. gaURI said

    my height is 5ft. i want to ask that what should be the length of kameez for my semi patyala suit..PLZ… REPLY SOON

    • jasnav said

      Go for 34 inches length. This is short length and will make you look taller than your height. At the same time it will allow you to show off the pletes of your semi-patiala salwar.

  90. meera said

    iam 156 cm in height and 42 kgs…what kind of patiala salwar suits me.?kindly tell me what type of cloth material should chose and how much?it would be helpful as i wish to wear one in a function…

    • jasnav said

      Since you seem to be slightly built, go for a sleeveless full patiala suit to show off your figure. Towards the cloth material for your patiala, go for flowing fabrics such as organza, silk etc. Do not go for synthetic or other body hugging fabric.
      As for the amount of cloth, you would need about 5 meters if using large var cloth, and about 6 meters if using small var cloth.
      Also have a look at my post How Much Is The Cloth Length for Patiala
      Enjoy your function!

  91. oh,guy,it’i realy great!

  92. pyncProop said

    Very nicce!

  93. Hello friend, I am pleased you wrote that post!!! great!

  94. Hello! Is it Okay if I ask anything kind of off topic? I have been trying to view this page on my iphone nonetheless it will not show up properly, do you may have any options? Thanks in advance!

    • jasnav said

      @Tracee Jeannotte,

      We are working on the website and the blog being made mobile phone compliant. As of now, you would have to make do with the internet version on your PC.

      Looking forward to having you around!


  95. saroj said

    helo please sent the pics and draft of pleated patiala salwaar

  96. saroj said

    pls help to sew and cutting of patiala with measurment ad drafitng of patiala

  97. javed said

    very nice blog. I am thankful to you

  98. javed said

    you are so lucky that you have achieve this chance

  99. Zoya said

    “The kurtas could be long too for this type of salwar kameez, but to really show off the beauty of the bottom’s design, it is better to wear tops that are shorter.”

    Thank you so much for the post coz im searching for a suitable model for me thanks a lot.

    Check out the trendy collections here
    Anahita Fashion a Passion

  100. Noshi_Kami said

    Could any one please tell me about the difference between simple / belt shalwar?

  101. noshi_kami said

    Do u have patiala salwar you r required? if yes, please send me the pic. Please also let me know why do you like patiala salwar

  102. […] former princely state before they migrate to the rest of the country and even the world. The famous Patiala Salwar Kameez is Punjab’s eternal gift to ladies fashion. But more about that […]

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