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Furnishing a Small Room… Decorating Ideas for Tight Spaces

Posted by indianselections on December 29, 2013

It seems that all decorating sites and magazines believe that we all live in mansions with vast spaces for us to decorate. Unfortunately, this is the real world and it is a little smaller than they think. If you have a small room and are strapped for ideas, don’t worry. We all have the same problem.

Just because it is a small space doesn’t mean you can’t furnish it to your will. In fact we’ve found that thinking inside the very very small box has led to more creative ideas.

Colors and Contrast

The right color can be the ace in your deck which will make sure that your small space not only pops but also looks and feels bigger. Although conventional wisdom tells us to go for whites and creams, it isn’t necessary to restrict yourself to boredom just because you have small a space. Be bold in your color choices but don’t go overboard with bright colors. If your space has a low light problem than lighter shades are your best bet. A nifty trick is to paint the ceiling a lighter color than the other walls. This creates the illusion that the ceiling is much higher than it actually is.


Scale and proportion need to be considered carefully when decorating a small room. Make sure there’s ample space to walk around and the space doesn’t end up looking cluttered. Don’t put too much stuff in the room. Additionally large pieces of furniture can have an overbearing effect.

If you’re decorating a small room for two children, a bunk bed may be a good idea as opposed to two single beds or a twin bed.

Straight Lines and Sharp Angles

Small rooms are typically plagued with sharp angles created by windows, doors and pieces of furniture. This gives the room a sharp and unnatural look. In order to soften up the look of a small room, try and soften the look using sheers and curtains. A throw on the edge of a couch or chair can add character to an otherwise sharp looking room. Additionally, try looking for natural curves in the furniture that you put into the room. Try to avoid any squarish or sharp objects. Adding plants can give great natural softness to an otherwise edgy looking room.


The biggest problem that small spaces face is that of storage. Spatially challenging rooms can be difficult to decorate since you also have to make room for storage. The first thing to do is to clean out your belongings and find out which things you need and which ones you don’t. Trust us, this cleansing will not only be good for your room but also for your soul. Organize your things and make an inventory. Make the most of the storage that you have and use it wisely. Sometimes; however, storage doesn’t necessarily have to be concealed or ugly. Shelving can be a great way of displaying memorabilia which may otherwise be kept hidden in a box.

Furnishing a small room can be an exciting and fun challenge. When choosing window treatments of a small room, try not to get bulky fabrics which may over shadow the room. Additionally vertical stripes are a great idea as they add length to the room.

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The Vibrant Glow of Indian Lampshades

Posted by indianselection on November 12, 2013

Experts say the décor of a room can play a very significant role when it comes to the mood of the person who resides in that room. Now, if you are a skeptic, you might frown at first and then prefer to shrug off the notion. In case you believe that the home décor is just that – decoration; and it has hardly anything to do with a person’s overall outlook and behavior, you could not have been any further from reality. Every little corner of your home affects the way you feel and behave. If your house is brightly decorated, it can instantly cheer you up after a hard day at work. If your apartment looks like a tornado passed through it, it can make your mood sourer than what it was after a bad day at office. So, if you find one cozy little spot in your home which looks a bit too gloomy at the second glance; try to brighten it up as soon as you can.

Racking your brains trying to come up with ideas that can readily brighten up your apparently mundane home décor? There are, of course, a multitude of options available – you can paint your walls; buy new furniture or go for new curtains. But understandably, all these might be a little out of your range at the moment. Then, you should settle for an option that is both affordable and effective. Go for the Indian lamps to add bit of colorful light to the dull setting. Most interior designers opine that lamps are like the icing on a cake. They enhance the beauty of the place, no matter how small or big it is. The magic of light and shadow, playing hide and seek at the corner of your living room, can instantly create a charming ambience. Besides being exceptionally beautiful, these Indian lamps also act as a secondary source of lighting.

The lamps are divided into two sections – the base and the shade. The shades are generally made of fabrics, paper, board, rope, fiber, etc. They are usually handmade and display the unparalleled beauty of superb craftsmanship. The outstanding creativity of these skillfully crafted lamps is matched with perfect lighting which accentuates the interiors of both residential and commercial places. The variety that is available in these lampshades is also stunning. At any place that specializes in making these lamps you will get chic, simple models; heavily embellished, ornate ones and everything in between.

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Get Comfortably Stylish with Indian Kurtis

Posted by indianselection on September 17, 2012

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Indian women are some of the luckiest in the world. Why you ask? Well, considering the fact that they belong to a vast country with spectacular cultural diversities, it is evident that Indian women get a lot more choice in the dress sections than the women of any other nation. Having a wardrobe full of everything from various kinds of sarees to lehangas and from salwars to churidaars, is most certainly very satisfying.

However, there is still a lingering question that troubles every renowned designer in the industry. How to retain the charm and beauty of the Indian attires and yet make them comfortably suitable enough for daily use? Modern Indian women have come a long way from being lehanga-clad beauties who were content with just being expert home-makers.  With changing times their area and activity of work have also changed and gradually, a dire need for more manageable attire was felt. May it was this necessity that made them adapt to Western style pretty quickly. But it would be an offence to claim that Indian attires cannot be manageable yet stylish. The most prominent example in this regard would be the kurtis.

Available in a number of fabrics like cotton, semi-cotton, poly-cotton, and chiffon, kurtis have taken the Indian fashion world by storm within the last decade. Every second woman in India is now noticed sporting a beautiful kurti which adds to her personal style. Besides the bright colors of the fabric, the embroidery, the mirror-work and various types of embellishments work to enhance the beauty of the dress. The choices in style are unbound too. The varieties feature long and short sleeved kurtis, shirt-like kurtis and long-frock like ones. Each kind seems to be more beautiful than the other.

The uniqueness of kurtis can be attributed to a number of factors. Rarely has there been a garment that can pass as both a casual and a traditional wear. One look at it makes the blend of style and elegance absolutely evident. Flexibility is yet another area where kurtis seem to score high. As said earlier, it is undoubtedly a whole lot easier to wear and manage. As it goes well with salwar, leggings and jeans and is incredibly comfortable, it has fast become an absolute favorite of working-women. The fact that kurtis are also easily affordable and can be washed at home doesn’t hurt either!

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The Welcoming Beauty of Torans

Posted by indianselection on August 31, 2012

They say, “To err is human”. And err, we do! What is it but an error when we decide to decorate our entire house for a festival and leave the front door as it is? Even though, it is only recently that the property designers have started emphasizing the fact that a well-decorated front door can make the house look more welcoming and beautiful; Indian homes have been sporting decorative door hangings for centuries. Previously, these door hangings, known as ‘torans’, were used for warding off ‘evil forces of nature’. However, now they have taken up a merely ornamental purpose. It is a common practice in India to string up the home-made torans as a gesture to welcome Goddess Laksmi on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. Made with mango leaves, Marigold flowers, beads, bells, glass and cloth, these door hangings are considered to be auspicious and believed to bring in good-luck for the family.

While the torans used in religious ceremonies are fashioned from flowers and leaves, there are also other varieties of these embellishments flooding the market of home furnishings nowadays. It is interesting to note that these items have been beautifying Indian household for centuries, especially in Gujarat and Rajasthan; but they are slowly gaining considerable popularity in the international market only now.

The designs of these torans vary depending on the state or region of the subcontinent they belong to. The Rajasthani torans display a wonderful array of embroidery work, while the Gujrati ones focus more on the bead and mirror-work. Interestingly, the choice of the colors is linked to various Indian deities and mood or emotion. In its most basic form, a toran is a wonderful canvas of geometric patterns and discs of mirrored glass. The colors like red, green, orange and yellow are used for making them very vibrant so as to capture one’s attention instantly. Most pieces feature little leaf-like embellishments which are made to resemble mango leaves. However, apart from displaying the image of different deities, the torans are also available in various motifs and even shapes that look like birds, animals and flowers.

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